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KJ’s Sneak Peak Sizzle Reel of some of the best video production filmed throughout the years.  If you need film production for Corporate Marketing, Corporate Advertising, Tourism/Eco Dev, Capital Campaigns/Fund Raising, Industrial Training, or hire us for aerial drone video or stills, contact

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KJ FilmWorks is a committed professional turnkey corporation creating a variety of unique video productions for businesses across the country. From your free proposal to your final media format master, we plan it, write it, film it, execute it, and edit it within your timeframe of completion. Our goal is that each custom-made production is designed to meet you and your viewer’s expectations. Check out some of our demos below and give KJ Filmworks the opportunity to tell YOUR story.





Jack Quirk is from Rhode Island and spent a great deal of time with his father, John Quirk, who was a photojournalist with NBC news, so by the time Jack turned three, the film business was already in his blood.  Now with over 30 years of experienced filming, editing, and directing, Jack’s career journey has taken him down several adventurous highways, including filming for several US Presidents and dozens of industry entertainers across the country. Jack’s good eye for the perfect shot also helps his goal to produce exceptional video documentation for each organization or business.  Who knows what’s next?  Every time the phone rings, it starts another adventure!




unnamed-3J. Renee Settlemires was born and raised in Oklahoma and enjoyed writing skits and acting in plays as a child and hoped someday of becoming an actress. She even had her Oscar acceptance speech ready.  Instead, she spent most of her adult life raising children and taught preschool until the opportunity of working with KJ FilmWorks dropped on her door.  For over 15 years, Renee has been an accomplished creative writer and producer for hundreds of video productions in exciting states and cities and even produced a safety orientation video for an oil and gas company on an offshore rig in the Gulf.  Renee enjoys working with people and will be your point person and direct contact with each project she produces. Although she never won an Oscar, she has been awarded several national accolades including a Telly and a Summit.

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Corporate Marketing

Corporate Advertising

Tourism/Economic Recruitment

Capital Campaigns

Industrial Training

Safety orientation

Safety orientation for your company is critical to the health and welfare of your employees, contractors, and visitors.  A custom-made video features your locations and your employess, using your procedures that are specific to your company.   This helps reduce liability by demonstrating exactly what is expected and why it is important.

Topics include: PPE, Fall Protection, JSA, H2S, Fire Watch, Evacuation, Hot Work, Confined Space, Stop Work, and any topics that are unique or specific to your company and industry.

We work with your EHS professional to develop a script specific to your company’s policies.  Whether it’s safety, new hire, or training orientation. Plus we are SafeLandUSA certified.

Aerial Video

In addition to providing ground imagery, Jack Quirk is an FAA part 107 Commercial Licensed UAS Drone pilot.  With years of experience, we know how to effectively showcase your property with hi def aerial video and stills.


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