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Now it’s time to focus, On new business and all its glory. Lights. Camera. Action. What's your story?

About Us

Obviously we meet a lot of people and have a lot of fun during our productions across the country but we are also a committed professional turnkey production team and know what it takes to tell a good story.  We plan it. Write it. Film it. And edit and deliver it in whatever media format you need. In most cases, 30 days or less! We believe each project is special and unique and designed to keep the viewer’s attention and always entertain, even when informing. We don’t claim to be bigger, badder, or better, …just check out some of our demos below and see for yourself and give KJ a call for your FREE proposal.  We’d love to tell YOUR story.





Who the heck thought that by the age of 3 Jack Quirk’s career path was set.  Jack spent a great deal of time with his dad, an NBC News photojournalist and apparently some of it rubbed off on him.

After a few career test runs, he ended up back in the film business and it has stuck for almost 30 years.  Jack’s career choice would lead him to working in almost every state, and several countries.

This includes several US Presidents, dozens of Hollywood and music folks, and hundreds of video production for corporations and broadcast networks.  Who knows what’s next?  Every time the phone rings, it starts another adventure!




unnamed-3Here’s the story of a lovely lady, (no, not that one) who grew up wishing not only on a star, but hoping someday she would BE a star.  She had dreams just like any normal young farm girl to one day be famous.
She even had her Oscar acceptance speech ready!
Fast forward 19 years and the dream of Hollywood became a distant fantasy, so instead, Renee got married and raised five (yes 5!) children.
When the opportunity of working at KJ FilmWorks dropped on her doorstep, she jumped at the chance to be at least behind the camera, if not in front of.
For the past 15+ years, Renee has been an accomplished writer and producer for hundreds of projects across the USA.  Although she never won an Oscar, she has been awarded several national accolades including a Telly and Summit.

Get "Reel"

Job Relocation

A high tech employee recruitment video tells its story with testimonials and fast-paced music and edits.


Edited to graphics and music, this client wanted to showcase his employees and the vast array of special equipment used in water testing.


This regional TV commercial focuses on a new way of using a checking account edited using animation and narration.


This video production is about an oil field company concerned for our environment and how they put their efforts to good use.


NESI-SES is a national collaboration of electric co-ops and universities that work together to develop alternative power sources. 

Employee Recruitment

The Enid Police Department wanted an edgy, in-your-face recruiting video to excite potential officers.


Farm Credit proves to their clients how the company has displayed personal customer service for generations.


Fireball Run came to Enid, OK. and this promotional video showcases their city to thousands of visitors from around the world.


A small town unique bed and breakfast proves it’s special to a national market.

Creative HQ

This is a showcase of the creative talent all under one roof at Creative HQ.

Capital Campaign

We’ve helped raised over $200 million dollars for capital campaign projects like this YMCA in Dubois, Pennsylvania.

FlightCam Demo

This is our montage demo of aerial footage using a helicopter and drone.

Music Video 1

This production is an in-studio music video focusing on this amazing talent covering the song, “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.

Music Video 2

This is an example of filming a music video on location.  It took less than a day for production.

Music Video 3

At the age of 13 Emily Faith came to us for her first full production music video about bullying titled “Mean Girls”.  Watch out for this rising star!

Industrial Training

Why is a custom-made safety orientation video important?  Why not use a generic off-the-shelf video?

Because safety orientation for your company is critical to the health and welfare of your employees, contractors, and visitors.  A custom-made video features your locations, your people, using your procedures that are specific to your company.   This helps reduce liability by demonstrating exactly what is expected and why it is important.

Topics include: PPE, Fall Protection, JSA, H2S, Fire Watch, Heavy equipment operation, Evacuation and Mustering, Driving Safety, Hot Work, Confined Space, Stop Work, and any topics that are unique or specific to your company and industry.

Because we have produced literally hundreds of industrial videos for companies including Construction, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Mining, Medical, Aviation, to name a few, it is second nature for us to quickly grasp your vision and message you need to deliver. 

Don’t panic!  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. (and YES! AFFORDABLE!)

  1. Script- We work with your EHS professional to develop a script specific to your company’s policies.  Whether it’s safety, new hire, or training orientation.
  2. Execute- After you approve your custom script, we bring our professional High Definition video production team to your site, and using your employees, we film according to the script, edit the same week, and work with your EHS team until you are completely satisfied with the final product.
  3. Delivery– We deliver the final product in a format of your choice. DVD, Blu-ray or various file formats. Let us know if you require your video in another language, we can do that too!

For a FREE proposal, call KJ FilmWorks 580-554-6930.

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