Why KJ Filmworks?

Over the past few years KJ FilmWorks has produced videos that helped raise over $300,000,000.  These range from YMCA’s, school districts, libraries, churches, communities, hospitals and universities in all parts of the United States.  We have produced over 45 videos specifically to raise awareness to the need of our clients.  Our experience in this type of production will go a long way in assuring a successful fundraising awareness campaign.   This includes capital campaigns, Bond Issues, and any major fundraising campaign. 

KJ works closely with your campaign council, consultant, adviser and leadership to create a video that fits your exact need and to tell the story in a way that answers questions and delivers the complete story about your need.

Anytime you start planning to raise large sums of money, there are many things to take into consideration.

  • How to effectively spread the word.
  • How to demonstrate the need.
  • Exactly what the money will be used for.
  • Who will benefit from this.

Brochures and live presentations sometimes work but consider this; many of the people that you will be asking for money have never been in your facility or have no real knowledge of what the issues truly are.

A carefully produced fundraising video delivers the emotion, and visually takes the viewer to the source of the need.  You can actually see where and what the problems are.  It will feature the people that deal with this daily and hear from experts about this topic.

This video can literally take the viewer to the problem areas.  This could be anything from leaky roofs, outdated and aging buildings, failing infrastructure, and in some cases dangerous situations.  

Oklahoma Fundraising Productions

Clinton Public Schools – $38M

Fields and Futures, Oklahoma City – $10M

Oklahoma State University Student Union – $80M

Hennessey Public Schools – $19M

Perry Public Schools – $12M

Leonardo’s Children’s Museum – $6M 

CDSA, Enid – $2.9M

Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center, Enid – $10M

Youth and Family Services, Enid – $4M

Enid Family YMCA – $10M

Lawton YMCA – $7M

National Fundraising Productions

Dubois, Pennsylvania YMCA – $15M

Emporia, Virginia YMCA – $10M

Decatur County, Illinois Hospital – $20M

Nashua, New Hampshire YMCA – $12M

University of Illinois – $15M

Williamsport Pennsylvania, Public Library – $10M

Mason City, Iowa YMCA – $8M

Johnstown, Pennsylvania, YMCA – $10M

Santa Barbra, California, YMCA


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